Will Rogue One carry on in the Star Wars tradition of having the classic opening crawl or will it break from the standard visual style of the other episodic saga films?

The arguments for either case are both warranted, since there have never been any official Star Wars films that are not part of the Skywalker saga. This is the first spin-off film in the franchise, so it would stand to reason that it might have a different style — as far as titling goes — to help it stand out from the main saga films.

That said, it also stands to reason that since it is a Star Wars film, it may hold to the tradition of having the well-recognized title crawl done in the age-old style of the Republic Pictures serials…of which, has been a hallmark of the Star Wars franchise for nearly a half-century.

Personally, even though I’d be totally fine with them not having the crawl, I’m hoping there is one. It’s such a huge and iconic part of Star Wars that it would seem very odd to not have it set the tone for the movie. There are legitimate concerns that it might be kind of weird to have a Star Wars film open up without one.

That’s not to say that having the crawl wouldn’t present problems of its own, however. For example, it might make it confusing for casual Star Wars fans that might think it’s part of the main saga. Obviously it wouldn’t have an episode number in the crawl, but would that be enough to clear up the potential confusion?

Then there’s the problematic design issues such a film might present for the crawl. Would it start with the Star Wars logo front and center like the rest of the crawls and have Rogue One be listed underneath it where the usual film titles go? Or would the Rogue One logo be first then “A Star Wars story” underneath it?

Ultimately, I think they will probably not use the crawl, opting for something that differentiates the anthology films from the main Skywalker saga films. Which might actually be for the best.

But just for fun, I created my own opening crawl using the Star Wars Crawl Creator to visual how an opening crawl might look if they used one in Rogue One. Check it out HERE!




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