Welcome to the Star Wars Outpost! Originally started as a simple Star Wars blog, the Star Wars Outpost has evolved conceptually into a general news and information site for all things related to that Galaxy far, far away.

That said, in continuing with the original spirit of the site, we also seek to explore the many mysteries of the Star Wars universe and uncover what’s in store for fans. This includes featuring rumors, speculative editorials, spoilers, and just about anything else a diehard Star Wars fan would want.

What you won’t find here is illegally obtained copyrighted material. While we are spoiler hounds to the core — and like any true detective, we want to know everything there is to know about the exciting new films in store for us — we DO NOT condone the distribution of illegally obtained and/or leaked images, videos, sound files, etc.

Also, as mentioned above, this is an unofficial Star Wars news site run by fans and is in no way affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or Walt Disney.



Nathan Kaylor