“Why doesn’t anyone remember the Jedi?”

That’s one of the questions you’ll hear frequently about The Force Awakens. During the film, there’s a memorable scene where Rey beams with excitement upon learning that the Jedi were real. It’s easy to take away from this that everyone thinks the Jedi are a myth.

This would seem a little odd given that The Force Awakens only takes place about 53 years after Order 66, when the Jedi were all but exterminated. Shouldn’t people know via historic records that the Jedi were once protectors of peace and justice in the Galaxy?

Nope…and here’s why; The Galaxy is HUGE. For many people, especially those in Outer Rim territories, the Jedi were shrouded in mystery. Their exploits were of mythic proportions. Even those living in more civilized parts of the Galaxy only knew the Jedi as “religious” enforcers for the Republic. Tales of their preternatural abilities were not always accepted as fact and were usually regarded as being fodder for the naive.

For example, in A New Hope, Han goes on to great length about how the Force was a bunch of superstitious non-sense. His views on the Jedi and the Force were not just his own; they were a fairly common belief in the Galaxy.

Now, 34 years later when Han tells Rey about the Jedi, you can imagine that they have most likely fallen even further into obscurity and myth — Especially for a young scavenger girl who’s spent most of her life on a barren backwater desert planet. In fact, it should be more of a surprise that’s she’s even heard of Luke Skywalker and the Jedi at all.

So, basically, it comes down to this; there are those that know first hand about the Jedi and those that have only heard stories…and the Galaxy at this point is filled with more of the latter.

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