There have been rumors going around recently that Tom Hardy will be featured in Episode VIII. Today, Making Star Wars confirmed that Tom Hardy will indeed play a cameo role in Episode VIII, but not in the way many of the rumors have been claiming.

The following is pretty spoiler heavy, so now’s the time to bail out if you’ve changed your mind.

Tom Hardy in Episode 8

Tom Hardy will appear in Episode 8.

Recently there have been rumors that Tom Hardy will have cameo role in Episode VIII. Some have speculated (for some bizarre reason) that he’ll be playing Boba Fett, despite that not making any sense whatsoever; Because the Internet.

However, it has been confirmed that he will be playing a cameo as a First Order Stormtrooper, much like Daniel Craig did in The Force Awakens. That is, his scene will be one of comic relief.

Supposedly, his scene goes something like this:

  • Finn is on a secret mission for the Resistance (presumably in a civilian area patrolled by the First Order).
  • A First Order Stormtrooper played by Hardy, recognizes Finn as FN-2187 and “slaps him on his ass.”
  • Finn gets scared thinking he’s been caught, but instead the trooper congratulates Finn on his promotion as a First Order spy.
  • The trooper then moves along, leaving Finn to his business.

The whole scene plays off in a very comedic way, much in the same way Daniel Craig’s scene does. The assumption is that the trooper is not aware of FN-2187’s “traitor” status, as most of the troopers that knew about it perished on Starkiller base. This trooper apparently just knows Finn from the academy and assumes that the reason he’s out of uniform is because he’s infiltrating the Resistance as a First Order spy.

This sounds pretty funny; can’t wait to see how it plays out on screen.

Head on over to Making Star Wars for the full scoop!

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