The amount of official news regarding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been slim pickings over the last few weeks…Much the same with spoilers and rumors. However provided us today with a little more description of two of the new Stormtrooper designs we’ve seen so far for the new helmet versions.

Apparently, the troopers with the tan helmets were called “Sandtroopers” on the set and are very similar to the scout troopers we’ve seen in Return of the Jedi. That is, they are more lightly armored with more exposed clothing parts.

The troopers with the black helmets are rumored to be called “Death Troopers” and are much larger than standard troopers. They have night vision goggles with green glowing eyes.

Hopefully we’ll get something official, such as teaser, within the next few weeks after the dust has completely settled from the The Force Awakens. I’m thinking we’ll start seeing the marketing machine for Rogue One start rolling out around the same time TFA hits Blu-ray in April.

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