is reporting today that Darth Vader will indeed be making a return in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. What’s more is that it appears he will have more than just a simple cameo; he may have some substantial action scenes.

While some may consider this a “spoiler” — and I have placed this article in the Spoiler section — it really should not come as a surprise that the Emperor’s lead enforcer will be making an appearance in one of the most pivotal moments during the Rebel Alliances’s fight against the Galactic Empire.

In some of the concept art for the film, Darth Vader is apparently depicted in numerous action scenes, including some rather violent scenes with him decapitating Rebels with his saber and levitating them and using their bodies as shields. Basically being the apex predator he’s become…and earning that terrifying reputation of his.

I was excited to see this movie, but knowing Vader is going to have a prominent part in it only makes it more exciting.

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